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The Vision Center of Edmond has been proudly serving the Edmond area for over 25 years. We provide comprehensive eye care for all ages, ranging from pediatric eye exams to the diagnosis and management of ocular diseases such as glaucoma and macular degeneration. Our doctors strive to provide top-notch, yet individualized patient care to each and every patient in a welcoming, friendly environment.

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Pink Eye is often thought of as a children’s health problem. It spreads quickly and easy in schools, after school programs and among siblings. Because pink eye is so easily spread from one unsuspecting victim to another, schools and daycare centers often require the infected child to stay home until they are no longer contagious.  While children are often victims of pink eye, it can be spread to adults too! So what can be done to stop this dreaded eye issue from taking over your family and causing missed school and work days?