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Girl in Glasses

Keep them in the case when they aren't on your face.

Whether you wear your glasses full-time, while working on the computer or only while reading small print, the best way to protect your glasses when you are not wearing them is to store them in the carrying case provided to you by your eye doctor. There are different case styles and sizes, and the staff at your eye doctor's office can usually find one that will meet your needs. Eyeglasses in CaseSoft cases are convenient for eyewear you may reach for often (like reading glasses). Hard cases are good for those who need to better protect their eyewear investment. If you aren't sure which is right for you, ask.

Visit your eye doctor to have nose pads replaced.

If you wear glasses with nose pads then you will most likely need them cleaned or replaced during the lifetime of the glasses. Nose pads collect make up, oil and dirt and can make your eyewear look dirty, cause dirt to end up on the lenses as well as stop performing the way the nose pads were intended. We recommend having a professional change your nose pads rather than trying to do it yourself. Not only will a professional have the tools and experience needed, they may be able to troubleshoot any issues you have with your eyewear and use a different type of nose pad if needed.

Have your glasses adjusted by a professional.

Are your glasses sitting crooked? Does your new eyewear hurt your nose? Your eye doctor has trained professionals on staff to troubleshoot your eyewear issues. If your glasses are causing you any problems, either because you cannot see well or because they are not comfortable, those professionals should be the first people you visit. Different frames and lenses should be treated in different ways (some frames need heat to be adjusted – some will break if heat is applied). Trust a professional to care for your eyewear for you.

Always have a backup pair.

back up glasses with tablet and earphonesIf you need glasses to see then you should always have at least one other pair with your current prescription on hand. If your current pair are lost or broken, it can sometimes take up to 10 days (and occasionally longer) for your new eyewear to arrive. If you would be uncomfortable for one day without your glasses, than having a backup pair is strongly recommended.

Never leave them in the car.

Your eyewear is a precious investment. Never leave your glasses in the car. Extreme heat and cold cause some very serious issues to frames and lenses. Damage may not be visible at first, but it is occurring and can weaken the frame and cause issues with your lenses.

Only clean your glasses with doctor recommended products.

Your lenses can be sensitive to certain chemicals. Please only clean your eyewear with products we recommend. Alcohol, antibacterial soaps, computer cleaner and windex are not appropriate and will damage or destroy your lenses.

We want you to see and look good in your glasses or sunglasses. If you have questions about eyewear, ask!

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