Tue, 08/06/2013 - 12:00pm
Glasses in an Hour

Imagine you’re a runner. You spend hours each week pounding the pavement. Having the proper shoes and footwear become extremely important to you because they help prevent damage to your bones and joints. Of course you can pick up a pair of running shoes at a discount store, but if you’re a serious runner, you’re going to go to an expert to get a custom fit.

Just like running shoe will improve athletic performance, a well-fitting pair of glasses is crucial to your eye health. If not properly fit, glasses could have the potential to cause additional vision problems.

Here are reasons why you should seek out the experience of an eye care professional:

Well-Trained Staff

Many one-hour vision centers will hire staff with little or no optical experience. Instead, they focus their efforts on hiring employees with sales backgrounds to help push expensive frames and lenses to customers. This can leave you with poorly fitting glasses that don’t meet your visual demands. Each of our staff have been trained by representatives from our lab in Oklahoma City.

Quality of Products

The lens material can have a big impact on the quality and fit of a pair of glasses. Lens thickness is concern for patients with high prescriptions, and can be greatly affected by lens material. Quick turn-around optical shops will often offer inexpensive lens materials, not addressing the problems that may arise. Frame quality will also suffer as a result of discount frame selection. Those made with plastic screws or hinges are more susceptible to everyday wear and tear that we put our glasses through.


One-hour optical shops' primary focus is speed, not accuracy. If they do not have the proper lens in stock, they may substitute for the closest lens they have available. This could result in a decrease in visual acuity or cause additional focusing problems. Each pair of lenses sent from our lab undergo a final inspection to ensure an accurate prescription. In addition, we at The Vision Center of Edmond also verify each pair of glasses before we dispense them to our patients.


Technology has gotten better over the last 15 years. No-line bifocal lens design has greatly improved and has little distortion, a smooth transition between distance and near, and wider peripheral vision. Unfortunately, many one-hour shops are stuck in the past and work with older technology, which means you don’t get the best lens for your money. Longevity and health Inexpensive glasses are not going to last as long. They can lead to physical pain and discomfort which can cause long term damage. Eyes will have to work harder to see clearly and your vision could start to deteriorate faster, especially with computer use.

Dangers of Online Opticals

Online retailers are becoming more popular because they have high volume and low prices. But, when shopping online it’s extremely difficult to get the correct prescription and it’s loosely regulated. A recent study by the Pacific University College of Optometry reported nearly 50% of glasses from online retailers were the wrong prescription or didn’t comply with safety standards.

Sometimes glasses made in an hour can work as a quick fix in an emergency, say, if something were to happen to your contacts and you couldn’t see without them. But, daily glasses wearers should be cautious about what they are purchasing from one-hour shops and discount lens stores.


Take the time to make an informed decision regarding your eyewear purchases. The Vision Center of Edmond has name brand, high quality frames in all shapes and sizes. All our frames and lenses include a one year warranty against breaks and scratches. Proper fit is extremely important, especially with no line progressive lenses. If the height isn’t measured correctly, you might find it difficult to see through the lens in certain areas. Our staff is highly trained to accurately measure progressives.

Glasses are something you wear all day every day, so it’s worth investing in a good pair of lenses with non-glare and UV protection.

  • Non-glare coating reduces eye strain and allows more light to reach your eye, causing less glare, less eye strain and less fatigue. This results in a sharper, clearer image with less glare to contend with.
  • UV protection will protect your eyes from developing macular disease, cataracts and skin cancer on and around the eyelids. Most people know UV radiation can damage skin, but they don’t realize it’s also bad for eyes.
  • Transitions. If you’re regularly moving from inside to outside, we recommend Transitions lenses. They don’t fade over time, offer a quick transition, have polarized lenses and some can even transition in the car.

We’re putting people in good, quality lenses, because that’s what we’re passionate about. Call us today at 405-341-9480 to schedule an appointment or request an appointment online for your next exam or glasses fitting.