Wed, 04/27/2016 - 1:40pm
Blonde woman wearing blue sunglasses outside

The days are growing warmer and more of us are spending time outdoors at parks, lakes and swimming pools. This is the time of year a lot of people think about purchasing new sunglasses to look fashionable, see clearly and protect their eyes from harmful UV radiation. Do you know what to look for?

Often, the first thing we do when picking out a pair of glasses is focus on how they look. Does this style represent me? Am I making the statement I want to make? There are countless materials and designs to choose from, and most sunglasses fall into one of the following shape categories:

  • AviatorMan Wearing Gold and Black Browline Sunglasses
  • Wraps/Sport
  • Cat Eye
  • BrowLine
  • Round
  • Retro Square

If you are planning to have custom prescription sunglasses made, it is recommended to seek the assistance of an eyewear professional to help you choose the best frame shape for your prescription. Not all prescriptions are suitable for every shape.

Fit and Comfort

Should you have a frame with nose pads or a notched bridge? Should your frame be plastic or metal? Do the lenses bother you when they touch your cheek? These are all questions that an eyewear professional can ask to help find the perfect frame for your prescription and comfort. They may ask how you plan to use your sunglasses. Do you plan to wear this pair all the time or only when you are fishing or cycling? Do you use them to hold back your hair when they are not on your face? Your answers will provide the information needed to be sure you end up with a product you use and enjoy. Keep in mind that one pair doesn’t always meet all of your needs. Consider the possibility that more than one pair of sunglasses may be required for your lifestyle.

Bearded Man Wearing Wrap SunglassesYoung Child wearing sunglassesGirl walking in field, holding flowers, wearing aviator sunglassesYoung girl at beach wearing sunglassesWoman wearing oversized, round sunglassesMan wearing rayban sunglassesAthletic Man wearing sunglassesMan hiking in mountainswoman standing by building with sunglasses on


Did you know that you have lens options when you purchase custom eyewear? Your sunglass lenses should have UV protection and a tint, but what else? Scratch resistant lenses would be a smart choice, especially since many of us are quite rough on sunwear. Ask your eyewear professional about Mirror Coatings, Backside Anti-reflective and Polarized lenses. These special lenses can make your hobbies more enjoyable, provide better and safer vision and create a special look for your custom shades.

Children Need Sunglasses Too

When you apply sunblock to your children, don’t forget the sunglasses. Children are at an increased risk of UV damage and can receive up to 25% of their lifetime UV exposure by age 18. Whether your child needs prescription eyewear or not, they still need protection for their eye and the skin around their eyes. Protective sunwear is available for infants, or your style-conscience 9 year old and your picky 18 year old. 

Points to Remember

  • Consider what activities you want the sunglasses to help you with. 
  • Don't forget UV and Scratch Protection.
  • Polarized and Mirror lenses may make your sunglasses experience much more pleasant.
  • Kids need sunglasses too! 
  • Ask an expert! Lens and Frame professionals can help you save time and money by focusing in on your specific needs.

Although sunglasses are often associated with summertime activities, they are necessary year-round. Working with an eyewear professional, you can select frames and lenses that will match your lifestyle needs, style and prescription. Do you have questions? Contact Us.