Mon, 07/01/2013 - 12:00pm
Dr. Matthew Morris

I’m Dr. Matthew Morris here at The Vision Center of Edmond. Back in November 2012, my wife, Dr. Tracy Elliott Morris, and I purchased the practice from Dr. Elisabeth Wilkerson. We thought we would let you know some of the great things we’re adding, and some of the things Dr. Wilkerson did that we’re continuing.

Why Purchase the Practice?

Tracy grew up in Edmond and knows and loves the area well. With her family in town and my family just an hour away in Ponca City, it seemed like a great place to settle down and raise our family.

We’re located on 2nd Street, just east of Bryant. Dr. Wilkerson has been at this spot for a long time, and we have no intentions of moving the practice any time in the near future. We really do love the location with its easy access to all of Edmond and just a short drive via the Broadway Extension or I-35 for OKC and Guthrie.

We also know that Dr. Wilkerson took excellent care of her patients. She had many happy patients, some of whom stayed with her for over 25 years. We know Dr. Wilkerson's patients are incredibly loyal to her and that change is not always easy, but we promise that any changes we may make will be for the benefit of everyone. Purchasing an established practice seemed like a logical decision, and this practice was a good fit for us.

What’s Staying the Same?

If you’re one of Dr. Wilkerson’s long time patients, you may have been going to her since she originally opened her doors in the Canyon Park area. We want to make sure we keep doing the things you’ve loved over the years.

We’re still taking most major vision insurances. We’ll also continue to see patients of all ages. Dr. Tracy really loves caring for children. She did a rotation in pediatrics at Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City. Dr. Matt has expertise in family care and contact lens, working for a large private practice in Norman for the past 3 years. Our focus will be on giving you the best patient care with quality products and service tailored to meet your individual needs.

Dr. Wilkerson placed her trust in us. When we first approached her, she wasn’t completely sure she was going to sell her practice. But after meeting us and getting to know us, she decided we could continue the great patient care she had begun. She even stayed on for about six months to help with the transition, and has said she’s more than willing to come back and help fill in.

What’s Being Updated?

One of the biggest changes is that we’ll be taking medical insurance. This will allow us to manage chronic conditions such as dry eye syndrome, glaucoma and macular degeneration as well as treating acute conditions such as pink eye and complications associated with contact lens wear. Billing your medical insurance for conditions such as these will allow us to provide more complete eye care that focuses on not only your vision, but the health of your eyes and protecting your future vision.

We’ve also updated our glasses frame selections. We've added many new lines and are using newer, higher quality lenses. As I listen to people's complaints about their glasses, I have discovered that the problem almost always tends to be poorly fit lenses or use of older technology products that only allow a narrow area of clear vision. The technology has advanced rapidly and we are focused on keeping up with the newest innovations to allow our patients to see their best through well-designed, high quality products.

Glasses that are poorly made tend to have coatings that chip, crack, and start to scratch within six months or so. Well-made glasses shouldn’t do that. The products we have now don’t have those sort of problems.

We also run a pretty laid-back office. Our type of practice allows us the time and personal commitment to talk to you individually and really listen to what you have to say. It results in better recommendations for helping your vision because we will educate you on the lens options available. We strive to put patients in the lens and frame options that best fit their needs.

We’re really passionate about helping you to see better, maybe even providing solutions that you'd never thought about. We feel like our updated frame lines and lens products combined with our mission to provide you with outstanding quality of care, service and vision will make your visit to our practice a pleasant one.

If you’d like to come see us, you can request an appointment online, or just give us a call at 405-341-9480.